League Of Legends To Land On Mobile As Wild Rift By 2020, Game’s Supposed Registration Page Leaks

League Of Legends To Land On Mobile As Wild Rift By 2020, Game’s Supposed Registration Page Leaks
Credit: League of Legends via YouTube

The platforms for the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends will expand by 2020. This means that aside from the PC version, the Riot Games title will finally be available on mobile gadgets and gaming consoles.

This must be a welcome development among fans, especially with the future opportunity to play it wherever they are. They would no longer be tied to their PC to enjoy the well-loved MOBA game.

Along with this news is the revelation that the upcoming LOL mobile version would have a different title. It would be known as League of Legends: Wild Rift. This was developed specifically for the users of iOS and Android devices. Here is the official announcement from Riot Games about the forthcoming game.

Apart from the new title, the gameplay would have some changes as well. The first is the map. A tweak is required so that it would be appropriate for shorter battles. The PC version needs 45 minutes to finish a match. Meanwhile, the mobile LOL’s battle only lasts for 15 to 20 minutes.

The arrival of the mobile title would benefit PC players, as well. With it, they resume the game on their mobile device from where they ended on PC. Doing so would earn them some bonuses, too.

Fans can anticipate testing the beta of the upcoming League of Legends mobile game before the end of 2019.

Based on the comments generated from the said post, it can be surmised that fans are getting giddy about it. Some even theorized that it could already be the end of Mobile Legends.

One follower noted that he would be deleting his ML account as soon as the LOL mobile arrives. Could there be truth to this statement? Only gamers can respond to this accordingly. And it is for everyone to find out if players will remain loyal to the Moonton-developed MOBA game.

While the players’ excitement could be high these days, another exciting information has reached online. The supposed pre-registration page of the game got leaked. A game analyst disclosed it via a tweet. According to game analyst Daniel Ahmad, it was leaked in China early this week.

However, the link was already taken down. Someone must have made a mistake in making it available online. As to who this person could be, no one knows so far.

Keep posted for more League of Legends news and updates, especially with the highly anticipated arrival of Wild Rift.