DragonX Continue League Champions Korea Domination, Dismantle SeolHaeOne Prince In Week Three

DragonX Continue League Champions Korea Domination, Dismantle SeolHaeOne Prince In Week Three
Credit: Image via Riot Games

DRX took down SeolHaeOne Prince in a two-game League of Legends series after the solo laners of DRX dismantled the opposition. With today’s win, DRX have held onto their winning streak going into week four of the 2020 LCK Summer Split.

The solo laners picked up both Player of the Game awards. Chovy played phenomenally on his Corki pick in the first game, while Doran dominated the SP squad with Sett.

The first game was very methodical with DragonX securing all neutral objectives except Rift Heralds. With more teams putting priority on the power of the elemental Dragons, the Rift Herald is usually left uncontested and weaker teams have some crumbs to pick up.

The second game was far from perfect, but DragonX secured all neutral objectives, including the Rift Heralds they gave up in the first game. Their methodical gameplay netted them a win in 23-minutes.

Doran’s Sett is a joy to watch and teams will most likely ban it out going forward since it counters most compositions.

DRX heavily improved this series, playing much better compared to their previous series. SP, on the other hand, looked weaker and should look into rebuilding their roster to build some synergy.

League of Legends team DragonX has partnered with British supercar brand McLaren, the organization announced recently. This marks the first time the brand is signing with an esports organization, but the details of the partnership are unknown.

McLaren joins Red Bull, Xenics, HyperX, and Logitech G as some of the brands sponsoring DRX. It’s not uncommon for car brands to partner with esports teams, though. Honda, BMW, and Audi have partnered with Team Liquid, T1, and Astralis, respectively.

DRX came in third place in the most recent LCK Spring Split playoffs. They were eliminated by the eventual champions, T1. But they finished in first place in the LCK’s 2017 Summer and 2018 Spring Splits.

DragonX has been looking hot this Summer Split in League Champions Korea. They’ve dominated most opponents and are on track to win the LCK Championship this split. While T1 hasn’t been looking as hot recently, they’re known to be huge playoff contenders when it’s time.

This split, T1 fans are not so sure since they’ve been looking shaky lately with bad drafts and poor playstyle. It’s going to be interesting if DragonX can overcome T1 this year and finally achieve the much-sought LCK championship. Stay tuned for more match results later on.