Komeda’s Cafe Offers Custom Cafe Designs For Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Komeda’s Cafe Offers Custom Cafe Designs For Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Credit: KomedaOfficial via Twitter

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a family-friendly game that all ages can enjoy. The game has particularly been popular with adults who are looking for a vacation getaway or a way to recreate their favorite locations that can’t currently be visited in-person.

Japanese company Komeda has created four designs as a present for Animal Crossing: New Horizons players. The items are all publicly available to everyone with the Able Sisters shop and an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

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The first item is for a custom Komeda coffee shop staff apron. The design is similar to what a staff member at a real shop would wear. The apron can be worn with a headscarf to complete the look. Next is a design of Komeda’s signature dessert. The party is styled after a knit hat design. There is even a cherry on top to complete the look.

Also included is a green “Cream Soda” dress. The dress looks like the drink brought to life. Most of the dress is bright green with a bubble pattern. At the top of the gown is a whipped cream-like pattern to complete the look. Komeda suggests wearing the soft-service ice cream hat to complete the outfit.

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The last item is custom artwork. The art is the official Komeda coffee shop logo so that players can create their own cafe on their island. The design can be used in various ways, from wall art, island decorations, or clothing.

Players can redeem the codes from the kiosk in the back of the Able Sisters’ shop. Enter each ID of the desired designs and either search from design ID or author ID. Komeda has offered the codes for all four designs and their creator ID on its official website.

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Komeda has also teased the “Komeda Island,” which is currently in progress. The company states that the island may be ready to visit sometime early this year. Those interested can follow Komeda’s official Twitter account for the latest news. Since Dream Islands are now available, anyone can visit one of these special islands without having to worry about reserving an appointment.

Distribution of the custom codes began at the end of last year, but there is still time to download the unique designs. However, there is no information on if the designs will be removed, as there is no listed end date on the official website.