The Nintendo Switch Is Getting The Free-To-Play Monster Hunting Game Dauntless Sometime Later In The Year

The Nintendo Switch Is Getting The Free-To-Play Monster Hunting Game Dauntless Sometime Later In The Year
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Free to play games are a huge part of today’s gaming landscape. It’s a recipe that has made Fortnite the industry giant it is today. There are a couple of great free games on the Switch console currently, such as Warframe. It appears the Switch is getting another one in Dauntless, a monster slaying game that’s completely free. This announcement was made at yesterday’s Nintendo Direct press conference.

An official release wasn’t given, but we do know the game will support cross-play. That means Switch users will be able to engage in epic monster-hunting battles with users on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Playing in a party with users on different systems sounds like a recipe for success.

Phoenix Labs also will continue to support the game with updates, which should ensure users on the Switch platform have amazing gameplay experiences. Ever since this game first launched its beta back in 2018, it has received a lot of attention. Its fantasy settings are captivating to walk through and explore.

However, it’s the monster hunting that will keep you coming back for more. The premise involves Slayers going after large monsters called Behemoths, who’ve crawled out through the cracks of the underworld thanks to a cataclysmic event. As a Slayer, it will be up to you to stop them from preying on innocent humans in this magical land.

As you defeat these towering monsters, you’ll have the chance to collect loot that can be used to upgrade your Slayer’s weapons. Thus, there is a fun progression system that will keep you coming back to the battlefield. Like Monster Hunter: World, the degree of difficulty of the monsters vary. Some won’t be much of a challenge while others will require a collected effort. It’s recommended to upgrade your weapons before taking on the larger, more powerful Behemoths.

For a free game, Dauntless offers a lot of value. You can play it solo or co-op. The latter supports up to four people, which is perfect if you plan on getting a party together. Now that this Switch game is getting cross-play, you won’t be limited by a particular console. The co-op options are limitless.

Seeing a game like Dauntless on the Switch platform is amazing. Sometimes, players don’t have money to spend $60 on a new AAA game that’s just come out. Free titles like Dauntless let players save some money and yet still experience something truly great.