Dauntless’ Clear Skies Update Is Out Now On All Major Platforms

Dauntless’ Clear Skies Update Is Out Now On All Major Platforms
Credit: Xploit via YouTube

Dauntless is a free-to-play action RPG developed by Phoenix Labs. So far, it has been received well from the gaming community. It’s like a blend of Fortnite and Monster Hunter, featuring a free design and monster-slaying action.

The premise is pretty straightforward: Players go out and hunt monsters known as behemoths, earning helpful loot along the way that prepares them for tougher battles. If you like completing tasks and being rewarded, then this is certainly a game to get lost in for hours.

It has a new update out now called Clear Skies, which makes several noteworthy changes. Most notably, the social hub city in the center known as Ramsgate received a major overhaul. Now there are new elements to discover, such as new soundscapes in different areas.

There are also new points of interest for players that want to learn more about the world of Dauntless. If you like explanations to the unknown, they’ll definitely be worth checking out. In addition to some cosmetic upgrades, there is a new feature in the hub city that lets players challenge each other in footraces. It seems like a good way to explore new aspects of the city and also break up the combat sequences.

In terms of weapon adjustments, much of Clear Skies focuses on updating the sword. Now it has new mods, moves, and Valour system. The intent here from the developer is to make the sword more dynamic and helpful in battle, which will come in handy when venturing out in the lands to take on the more powerful behemoths.

Speaking of these powerful and majestic creatures, they’ve also been updated as well. If you want a full list of improvements, you can visit Dauntless’ official website. For the sake of time, though, they focus on fixing animations and making their systems more balanced. That should give players better experiences out in the combat fields, whether they’re going toe to toe with Quillshot or Thrax.

Finally, Clear Skies adds a Hunt Pass — which lets players earn XP through bounties to unlock new rewards. It seems like a great system for fast-tracking your player’s progression and earning helpful items like armor, weapons, and additional resources.

Dauntless is still doing pretty well in terms of number of users and if the developer can keep the updates going — making gameplay more dynamic and providing themed events — then it will be interesting to see where this game ends up.