Scorched Earth Update Is Coming To Dauntless For Free, Update Includes A New Behemoth And Hunt Pass

Scorched Earth Update Is Coming To Dauntless For Free, Update Includes A New Behemoth And Hunt Pass
Credit: Playstation via Youtube

Scorched Earth is a major update coming to the monster battling game Dauntless. The patch seems to have several phases to it, and many surprises sure to be discovered. Everything starts with Blaze Escalation, which will bring a whole new Behemoth to the Shattered Isles. This is brought to players alongside a new Hunt Pass that is “changing the way you plat that Hunt Pass.”

As with every update to the game, Scorched Earth will be released free on all platforms. Fans of Dauntless have a ton of interesting and engaging content to look forward to, and this time is will all be done on a tropical island.

Starting off with Blaze Escalation, players will find that this part of their journey is on a tropical and volcanic island. As you venture towards the Volcano at the end of the Escalation, players will see much more lava and less of the green tropics that they saw earlier. This is where the new beasts are found enjoying the heat and conjuring flames of their own.

These Behemoths are warped by charged blaze aether. You will no doubt encounter the terrible Quillshots that have explosive quills, or the Gnashers who spout fireballs at their foes. There is even an especially deadly variant of Rezarkiri that will have its own firey surprise in store.

Mastering these encounters is key to surviving the Blaze Escalation. You will need to be strategic in your approach. Ration supplies, decide your route carefully and do not forget to communicate with your teammates in this endeavor.

At the end of the approach is big boss Torgadoro. This is the Blaze Escalation boss, and he may be the biggest Behemoth in the entire game. Not only is he huge, but he is strong as well. Although the design makes many think he is a slow lumbering beast, he can move quickly when he wants to and will no doubt crush anyone in his path. What makes this Behemoth extra special, is he is the very first to use the environment to his advantage.

Fear now as there is a set of Legendary weapons available for those who make it through. At the end of the Blaze Escalation, there is a set of legendary schematics that will give you access to crafting a whole set of different items. All of these legendary weapons come with two prismatic cell slots, weapon bonding, and powerful legendary ability.

A new Hunt Pass has also been added to the game. This Hunt Pass is titled Searing Talons, and it is inspired by the Blaze Hawks, a special faction of Slayers. The pass delivers tons of cool gear across all fifty levels of its Elite track.

For more information, be sure to check into the main Dauntless website.