Escalation Hunts And A New Behemoth Have Come To Dauntless, Sharpen Your Blades And Prepare For New Challenges

Escalation Hunts And A New Behemoth Have Come To Dauntless, Sharpen Your Blades And Prepare For New Challenges
Credit: Playstation via Youtube

Dauntless pits players in battles after battles with increasing odds. As the game grows, the narrative gets deeper, the design gets stronger, and the art gets better as the game creates amazing experiences for its players. A new monster has been added, and it is one of the monstrous Behemoths that dot the landscape of Dauntless. 

Players will now be venturing into the depths of the Maelstrom, facing new dangers along the way. Maelstroms are storms of epic proportions with pressure so strong that physics break only deepening the power of the terrifying Behemoths.

The residents of Ramsgate have become aware of these massive creatures. There is only one solution; Behemoths must be vanquished. You will have to storm the sea and take on one Behemoth after another, sometimes even fighting them in pairs. This is a challenging battle and not for the lightly geared, but the rewards are great.

Thankfully there is help on the player’s side, this help is known as amps. After a Behemoth is slain, its store of aether is released and absorbed by nearby lodestones. These crystals offer each slayer a boon for the rest of the Behemoth run. These are called amps, and they are passive buffs that help players.

The developers are trying to put roguelike elements into the game to hopefully make it more replayable and enjoyable. After each run, you gain experience which can be used to strengthen the amps. This creates a minor progression system for players where they can continuously unlock new thins and improve the amps they find on each of the runs.

All of this builds up to the final encounter, a brand-new Malkorion. It is vital that all players choose the right amps before attempting this enemy. It is strong and should not be taken lightly. To make this entire experience even more difficult, the Escalation themes within the event will change over time, giving different rewards, enemies, and amps.

Every aspect of this event is built with the intention of pushing players deeper into the Maelstrom. Everything is wild, chaotic, unpredictable, and ever escalation. The closer you get to the final boss, the more intense the entire game gets. The developers do reassure players that the narrative, design, and artistic pillars will continue even with the theme of each Escalation evolving over time. The experience should be consistent through each theme.

Dauntless is available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC. This update is available on all systems with a copy of the core game.