Dauntless Has Released Their Free Haunted Shadows Update On All Systems, Tons Of Quality Of Life Changes And Freebies To Enjoy

Dauntless Has Released Their Free Haunted Shadows Update On All Systems, Tons Of Quality Of Life Changes And Freebies To Enjoy
Credit: Iron Galaxy

The Dark Harvest has transformed Ramsgate into a shadow-laden bastion for the Unseen. It is because of this cult’s arrival this time of year that the darkness spreads, and their message grows throughout the world. It is up to you, Slayer, to decipher their messages and discover the plot unfolding before your eyes.

This event has been going on since October 24 as the city was dressed up with a night sky and spooky glowing gourds. The decorations set up the yearly event as Slayers must battle the Unseen in the city. If you want to participate, you can easily play the game on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC for free.

Troubling transmission can be found with a unique set of glyphs. The Unseen cult has roots dating back to the Upheaval, and the Dark Harvest seems to drag them out. Players on the forums have worked hard to decipher the code with several helpful guides already available on Reddit for those who want the key to the mystery.

Among other additions, the game the Night Hunter theme now delivers Halloween themed rewards like “Ghost of a Dog” emote. This, along with other amazing rewards, can be found on the Dauntless Hunt Pass page.

Patch 1.0.2 offers some quality of life updates alongside the main content. An AFK kick timer has been added to all hunts. Slayers who are inactive for three minutes will be automatically returned to Ramsgate, freeing up the party so they can complete the hunt at the correct level. This is a vital step to help reduce the AFK party issues that have plagued the game since launch.

The compass has more depth and now prioritizes important icons. The less vital quests are now faded in grey while the important quests have bright gold in contrast. This helps make the compass easier for Slayers to read and should help new players progress through the main quest line faster.

Patrol Chests can be toggled on and off easily. This helps you focus on the main hunt without worrying about the bonus rewards. Be careful not to leave it off if you want a chance to find the extra loot, but for those who don’t, it can now be permanently disabled.

There is only a few more days left on this event, so make sure to download and play the game if interested or revisit the city of Ramsgate. This game is free to play on all platforms with optional microtransactions built-in.