Minecraft Now Has The Famous Chrome Dino Game, Thanks To The Redditor, The_Terrain

Minecraft Now Has The Famous Chrome Dino Game, Thanks To The Redditor, The_Terrain
Credit: The_Terrain Via Reddit

Minecraft is no stranger to people using Command Blocks to create a variety of fantastically amazing creations ranging from creating a way to play Minecraft in Minecraft to playing Minecraft on the phone in Minecraft, which is on your actual phone. These are just some of the fantastic creations that have been made on either the Java edition of Minecraft or a Bedrock edition of Minecraft.

A Redditor by the name of The_Terrain created what may be a game that everyone knows of, and very few are a master of the Chrome Dino Game.

The Chrome Dino Game is a game that chrome displays if you don’t have an active internet connection. This game can potentially keep people entertained for a small amount of time until your internet router resets or the internet gets reactivated.

Redditor, The_Terrain, recreated the Chrome Dino Game in Minecraft using a combination of both Command Blocks and a Texture Pack. The Minecraft Subreddit of r/Minecraft and r/Technical Minecraft is no stranger to players showing off their fantastic creations, like how the user GuyInGreyDaBoss showed off his Maze Plugin for Minecraft.

The_Terrain only offered this single image, which is slightly limited overall but does allow players to enjoy the game that they may have been playing when the internet was unavailable.

This image showcases the Dino, the Minecraft Parrot being used as the birds and the cactus’s, which are all over the desert in Minecraft being used to represent the ground cactus that the T-rex is forced to jump over! The ground features stone buttons which represent the stones that are littered on the ground throughout the Chrome Dino game.

The_Terrain has yet to offer which commands he used to create this game or a world download so users can play this version of the Chrome Dino game themselves.

Since Minecraft has become such a popular game, having its monthly active players being close to 132 million, which means that while many may no longer see this game, they can experience this game again in one of the most games of the current generation.

If players want to compare the original Dino game to the Minecraft recreation, then they can either turn off their internet and try to open Google Chrome or players can enter Chrome://Dino into the search bar to enjoy the original and compare it to The_Terrain’s version.