Battle Hunters Is Headed For Release On PC And Nintendo Switch This October, Explore A Classic RPG Experience

Battle Hunters Is Headed For Release On PC And Nintendo Switch This October, Explore A Classic RPG Experience
Credit: Steam XO

Explore a classic fantasy adventure with an innovative combat system as the RPG Battle Hunters launches on PC and Nintendo Switch this October. Hurry to rescue the kingdom as you take on a large variety of beasts and villains. Make your way across several regions as you take on different challenges across the land.

Command a squad of mighty heroes as you conquer the unstoppable. Stand against the forces of darkness in the Great Forest as you take command of heroes in a unique turn-based encounter with real-time action. Different heroes bring different strengths meaning that players can form their perfect team to defeat the evil with.

Enjoy this classic-style RPG that will take players on a unique and original adventure. Enjoy a tactical combat experience with 28 heroes available.

Each on comes with their own abilities and moves allowing players options as they travel across 15 hours of gameplay and sage the entire kingdom.

As players travel across the varying lands they will find evolving threats. New heroes may make themselves known, but more often it is the enemy who will strike first. Enjoy a unique environment that mixes RPG with new and interesting narrative elements and out of genre features.

Enjoy a strategic approach to combat as players form a party of three heroes out of the 28 options. Each hero will bring new skills and abilities to players with the expectations to find new ways to solve fairly standard combat scenarios.

Combine different strengths and weaknesses in a battle for a variety of options. With the right combination of heroes, players can craft their own combat style and ensure victory in every aspect. Ensure victory by taking your own route with a unique set of heroes.

The game is filled with loot and treasure just waiting to be discovered. Mini-quests provides a unique opportunity to learn more about the world and help the citizens of the kingdom with the land.

Battle goblins, trolls, and more as you travel across the cliffs of desolation and make your way across the land. There is a unique world just waiting to be explored by dedicated fans. Explore at your own pace and become immersed in a unique world.

Battle Hunters has an active Steam page. Explore the world created by Phase Two Games and await its full launch on PC and Nintendo Switch this October. This unique title is a perfect fit for all RPG fans looking for something new.