Villain Romance Visual Novel Lovingly Evil Release Date Announced With Demo Out Now

Villain Romance Visual Novel Lovingly Evil Release Date Announced With Demo Out Now
Credit: Lovingly Evil via Steam

Publisher Green Man Gaming Publishing and developer Lizard Hazard Games have announced the release date for their upcoming romance visual novel Lovingly Evil. The game also has a free demo available now for players to try out the game before its full release in August.

Lovingly Evil is a visual novel where players can romance various “evil” characters throughout myths, fairy tales, and more. The game takes place at the Villain Conference, where the player aims to network with other villains, but this may turn into a long-lasting romance.

The game begins with a custom character from hundreds of options. Players can customize their facial features, body type, clothes, accessories, and even pets. After this part of the game is complete, players will get to explore the conference floor.

There are five total love interests that include The Devil and Evil Stepmother. Each character has a dedicated mini-game that can choose their relationship. The mini-games include cooking on a grill and serving demons, arrange flowers, card-based debates, and more. If players don’t want to participate in mini-games, they can be disabled in the settings. If players would prefer a more story-focused experience, they can turn off the mini-games in the settings.

Since the game takes place in a conference setting, players can attend talks to learn more about the villains and their evil ways. The conference is an ideal place to meet with villains from countless dimensions and universes. When the long conference day is over, all of the characters can party at the nightclub.

For those new to visual novels, they are interactive story experiences. The player takes time to socialize with other characters and get to know them during a short time period. After a while, players will have the choice to choose one of the characters to build a romantic relationship.

Players who want to learn more about the game can follow the developer on social media for the latest news. The team also hosts livestreams for the game so potential players can ask questions and get an early look at the game.

A free demo is available now on Steam, where players can also wishlist the game before its launch. The game demo was first made available during the Steam Summer Festival.

Lovingly Evil launches on PC via Steam on August 19.