Lovingly Evil Visual Novel Wants To Help Villains Find Romance This Year

Lovingly Evil Visual Novel Wants To Help Villains Find Romance This Year
Credit: Green Man Gaming Official Website

Green Man Gaming Publishing and developer Lizard Hazard Games have teamed up for the upcoming launch of Lovingly Evil. The developer has previously released Your Royal Gayness and LoveBug, both visual novels.

Lovingly Evil is an upcoming visual novel that stars villains but also doesn’t try to make players take over the world. The protagonist travels to a Villain Conference with the intention of networking with other villains who range from Necromancers, criminal masterminds, or Demi-gods. Players will get th learn more about their lifestyles at panels and learn about the latest villain-related news.

Players will get to create a custom character and set their facial features, body type, clothing, accessories, and more. After a custom character has been made, players are free to roam around the conference.

Lovingly Evil may focus on a conference, but there are plenty of opportunities for romance as well. There are five love interests to meet and get to know while pursuing the villain lifestyle. Since the game is a visual novel, players will rely on conversation to get to know their potential love interests.

There are minigames to complete throughout the conference. One of the short videos on the Steam page showcases a food serving minigame where the player has to feed as many flying creatures as possible.

The official website showcases some of the characters in the game, along with brief bios. Characters include Satan, who works at a grilling station, and an Evil Stepmother with a weakness for luxury goods. More information will be revealed on the official website closer to the release date, but some may be kept secret to surprise players.

Lovingly Evil will only be available in English and is a single-player game.

Green Man Gaming may sound familiar. The company has primarily been a digital storefront where players can legally purchase game codes for PC and console games. The company has now entered the publishing market for indie games. They’ve released titles such as Aporia: Beyond The Valley, Stormworks: Build and Rescue, Pride Run, and Skybolt Zack with plans for more releases in the future.

Players interested in the upcoming game can wishlist it on Steam now. It’s unknown at this time if the game will get a release outside of Steam.

Lovingly Evil launches on PC via Steam sometime in 2020.