Rhythm Platformer Mad Rat Dead Launches This October With Limited Physical Game Editions For Consoles

Rhythm Platformer Mad Rat Dead Launches This October With Limited Physical Game Editions For Consoles
Credit: Mad Rat Dead via YouTube

NIS America has announced the latest title in its 2020 lineup coming this October. Mad Rat Dead will launch on consoles later this year outside of Japan in both North America and Europe.

Mad Rat Dead stars a rat who’s dream was still alive, even after death. Fortunately, the rat gets a second chance at making his dream a reality by reliving his very last day on Earth. Now the rat wants vengeance while he’s still alive.

The game combines action platform gameplay with rhythm music games combined with a “cartoon-meets-punk” art style. Players have to move in time with the music, rush through enemy hordes, and rewind time to avoid “hairy situations.” Players have to use both their eyes and ears to keep in tune with the music.

Players can use the Sound Test practice stage to perfect their movements before starting the main game. From there, they can unlock music to mix and match on replayable levels. Players can keep rewinding the music to achieve five-stars throughout each level.

The game will only be released on consoles at this time. NIS America has the game available for digital and physical preorders now.

There are two versions of the physical version of the game. The standard edition for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch includes the game in a hard case. The “Pounding Edition” is a collectors edition for both consoles.

The “Pounding Edition” is packaged with the game in a case, a physical cassette tape featuring music from the game, “Dead Beats” digital soundtrack download code printed on a piece of paper, and “Mad Masterpieces” digital artbook all packaged inside of a Collector’s Box.

As with all NIS America limited edition preorders, players can view the current “Stock Meter” to know if the game is still available. Some games sell out much more quickly than others, especially close to the title’s release date.

Players who want to learn more about the game can follow NIS America on social media, or view images and trailers through the official Mad Rat Dead website. The game will first launch on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan on October 29.

Mad Rat Dead launches on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on October 30 in North America and Europe, then on November 6 in Oceania.