The Rhythm Game Mad Rat Dead Is Out Now On The PS4

The Rhythm Game Mad Rat Dead Is Out Now On The PS4
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Rhythm games have a lot of fun qualities about them. They incorporate music and addicting gameplay, creating a symphony of fun experiences that gamers like re-visiting often.

If you play on the PS4 and like this particular genre, then a new release you might put some time in is Mad Rat Dead. It’s now available on the PS4 and has a pretty interesting story, centered around a rat that is feeling a little unsatisfied with his life before his death.

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Luckily, the stars aligned just right for him as he gets to re-live his last day on Earth with new powers. As the player, you’ll get to use the rat’s newfound powers to keep his heart beating via music. That’s the key for him going strong and moving from level to level in a rhythmic fashion.

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Mad Rat Dead has simple 2D graphics, but they have a unique art style about them that gives this game added character. Based on the official launch trailer, it looks like there are some pretty interesting characters you’ll meet throughout your journey to right the wrongs that took your precious life, such as your very own heart that talks.

In terms of the rhythm design, you have to press a button at just the right times to give the rat’s heart strength. That will be key in getting to the places you need to go. It seems simple enough, but the mix of rhythm gameplay and platforming keeps you on your toes.

Doing both also is pretty refreshing for the platforming genre. You have to keep close watch on your heart meter and stay mindful of threats that are thrown at you left and right.

You can dash, jump, and slide across the stages. There are obstacles and puzzles you’ll have to figure out as well, but they’re not too complex like a lot of others in this space. Mad Rat Dead is a pretty refreshing take on the platforming/rhythm genre.

Are there better offerings out there? Possibly, but the game gets a lot of things right and chief among them is putting players in a fun story and keeping them locked in by moving to the beat. The soundtrack has a pretty fast-tempo vibe, which elevates the action and keeps the sequences flowing quite well.

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Will you be able to make this rat’s last day on Earth count for something or will it be all for not? You can find out right now on the PS4 and have a good time to the tune of energetic beats.