Death end re;Quest 2 Is A Horror Inspired RPG That Has Just Launched On Steam

Death end re;Quest 2 Is A Horror Inspired RPG That Has Just Launched On Steam
Credit: Steam XO

The next chapter of the Death End series has launched as Death End re;Quest 2 launches on Steam. This title adds in additional costumes and builds upon the foundations set in Death End re;Quest. The new Steam release also supports multiple languages including English, Japanese, and Chinese.

This game was originally planned to launch alongside the PlayStation 4 launch, but they decided to move the launch up a week. PlayStation 4 fans will be receiving a digital and physical release on August 25. Either way, the content of this game will be consistent despite the platform.

Idea Factory and Compile Heart in collaboration with Corpse Party scenery writer Makoto Kedouin have created a new chapter in this horror RPG. Follow the adventure of Mai Toyama as she searches for her sister in a quiet lakeside town. Learn about the town’s past and battle through Shadow Matter by night. Save reality before everything is consumed.

Shadow Matter floods the streets of the city every night unleashing a horrific group of menacing creatures. Secrets are hidden around every corner in this dark tale as you explore the city of Le Choara.

This game has a built-in overkill system. This allows players to stack damage beyond the health of enemy combatants for a chance at the extra experience. The player should stack as much damage as possible to try and gain bigger rewards.

As players explore dungeons and battle evil they may encounter a black figure. This figure will display an AOE attack immediately upon appearing. Players must leave the area as fast as possible or risk immediately dying to the attack. Runaway from this being, as the Berserker will decimate any squads it comes in contact with.

Explore the town during the day and talk to the townspeople as you try to find out clues about your sister’s disappearance. During the night, instead fight tons of monsters stylized and ready to be confronted. This is a mixture of visual novel and RPG battles.

Combo your squad’s attacks together by flinging the monster into squadmates. This teamwork will work to your advantage allowing players to deal extra damage in the unique Knockback system.

This game holds a ton of potential and love among its community. Fans will love the unique expression of RPG standards mixed with the compelling narrative of a visual novel.

Death End re;Quest 2 is available on now Steam with a PlayStation4 release expected next week.