Neptunia Virtual Stars Announced For North America Release In 2021

Neptunia Virtual Stars Announced For North America Release In 2021
Credit: Compile Heart via YouTube

Idea Factory and Compile Heart have announced Neptunia Virtual Stars will be released outside of Japan. North American fans of the Neptunia series will get to experience the newest title next year.

The Neptunia Virtual Stars team has released an English website with additional information about the game. They include a short teaser trailer around one minute long, general product information, story, and a gallery.

Neptunia Virtual Stars is a music-based spin-off of the Neptunia series. The game takes place in Virtualand, a digital world that connects various dimensions. Within the world is the planet of EMO, which is on the brink of extinction because of the actions of Anti.

Anti wants to destroy creative content of all kinds. Emo’s digital goddess Fair sends out a distress signal to other dimensions, hoping to find someone to help save her planet.

The “Anti” enemy may be a reference to “Anti-Fans” or people who spend their time trying to bring down content creators and those who enjoy their work. The stars of Neptunia Virtual Stars are working to bring forth a more positive virtual world.

Fair’s desperate attempts to find a savior works. Her message reaches the rising Visual YouTuber (VTuber) stars, Mi and Yu, members of MEWTRAL, and Neptune, Noire, Blanc, and Vert, the goddess of Gamindustri.

The title will have hack-and-slash music style gameplay. Players can seamlessly switch perspectives between melee and ranged shooter characters to get combos for higher bonuses and damage.

BeatTik Rhythm is also important. These rhythm gamer performances help heal the planet. But, background music can either help or harm players during special boss battles. Fortunately, the music can also help battle conditions or unlock coordinated finishing moves.

Vtubers can jump into battle to help or cheer everyone on. After a successful battle, VTubers will give players a special prize as thanks.

Neptunia Virtual Stars is known as VVVTune in Japan and will release with the 10th anniversary of the Hyperdimension Neptunia series.

The game combines real VTuber stars with video game characters. The guest stars also include Game Cub Project, Hololive, upd8, and more. The game launched first in Japan in August 2020.

Neptunia Virtual Stars will launch with a physical and digital version with Japanese and English audio. English subtitles are also supported.

Neptunia Virtual Stars launches on the PlayStation 4 in 2021.