Kandagawa Jet Girls Launches In North America On August 25 With A Limited Physical Release Option For PlayStation 4

Kandagawa Jet Girls Launches In North America On August 25 With A Limited Physical Release Option For PlayStation 4
Credit: Xseed via YouTube

XSEED Games has announced the North American release date for their upcoming game Kandagawa Jet Girls. The game was previously released in Japan in January 2020. This news comes after the announcement that the game would be released outside of the country.

Kandagawa Jet Girls is a multi-media franchise consisting of an animated series and now a video game. The game tells the stories of young women who team up to compete in Jet Racing. Each team consists of a Jetter who drives a jet machine, while the Shooter fires a water gun at their competitors. Throughout the series, Jetters and Shooters bond as teammates while also learning more about their competitors.

While the game features races on the water, there are some story elements as well. There are single-player dramas throughout 64 episodes. Players can switch the roles of Jetters and Shooters, or create custom teams. Both the characters and jet machines are customizable as well. Players can change the character’s outfits and customize jet machines to fit their playstyles.

Kandagawa Jet Girls will also include online multiplayer with support for up to four players. Players can also compete alone to play through the story mode.

The series was created by the same team that created Senran Kagura, so it’s no surprise there have been collaborations announced between each game. Ryona and Ryobi are part of the game’s main roster.

The Kandagawa Jet GirlsSenran Kagura Character Pass for $29.99 will unlock four additional teams that include Asuka and Yumi, Homura and Hikage, Ikaruga and Yomi, and Murasaki and Mirai. If players only want one or two teams, they can purchase them separately.

Kandagawa Jet Girls will launch both digitally and physically. The “Racing Hearts” PlayStation 4 edition is packaged with the base game, 64-page full-color artbook, and a 2-disc music soundtrack all packaged in a large box.

The Digital Deluxe edition will also launch on the PlayStation Store. This includes the full soundtrack, a set of 14 avatars featuring all of the racers, plus an exclusive theme. The Steam Digital Deluxe edition will be slightly different. Both contain the soundtrack, but the PC version won’t have the avatars. Instead, PC players will receive the Maid Bikini (Lemon Yellow) and Bunny Costume (Carrot Orange) character outfits. These costumes will also be sold separately.

Kandagawa Jet Girls launches on August 25 for PC and PlayStation 4.