Bromeliad Lets Players Become A Human-Bear Soon Through Steam Early Access

Bromeliad Lets Players Become A Human-Bear Soon Through Steam Early Access
Credit: Bromeliad via Steam

Publisher and developer Gorka Games Studios has announced an upcoming survival and crafting game, Bromeliad. In the game, players are stranded on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The main character is a human who has transformed into a part-bear creature from a mysterious venom bite.

In their new form, players have to find a way to survive. This means building a shelter and looking for food during the day before the transformation takes place. Players will have to gather and create tools to build a base, hunt for food, and explore the strange area. At night, players once again transform into a human-bear, and a new group of creatures begin their search.

The crafting system is advanced enough that players can craft any tool or weapon they may need. The dense forests and open-world island hold enough to craft a player’s dream base, along with keeping the player fed.

There are a few goals the player is hoping to fulfill. The player is looking for their hunter team is. Before the player can search for their team, they have to find a way to find the ancient element hidden on the island. This artifact will return the player back into a normal human, or else they will transform into a human-bear creature every night.

Bromeliad is a work in progress, but the developer is releasing it first in Early Access. The developer is also planning to continue adding content throughout the process. This will also be the time when players can submit bug reports and also suggestions on what they’d like to see in the game.

The final game at launch will have much more content and a smoother experience compared to the Early Access version. The final version’s content will include more tools, buildings, animals, animals as pets, enemies, transportation options, and multiplayer. The final price is also likely to increase, but Early Access players will retain access to the full content.

The Early Access version of the game upon release gives players access to the open-world island, crafting system, animals, and more. The developer warned that this early version may have some bugs, glitches, and other issues, but will be worked on.

The developer wants to keep the community updated throughout the process. That includes posting on social media and through the Bromeliad Discord server. The team will be active on social media connecting with others to listen to feedback and suggestions.

Bromeliad is planned to stay in Early Access until at least the end of the year. The game will continue to improve with each update with new content and resolving issues.

Bromeliad doesn’t have a set release date yet but is coming soon.