Neptunia ReVerse Gets North American Release In 2021 For PlayStation 5

Neptunia ReVerse Gets North American Release In 2021 For PlayStation 5
Credit: Neptunia ReVerse Official Website

Idea Factory International, Compile Heart, and Felistella have announced plans to launch Neptunia ReVerse in North America. The game will launch both physically and digitally for the PlayStation 5. The news was accompanied with links to the official website and preorder information.

Neptunia ReVerse takes place in the world of Gamindustri, which contains four nations that are each protected by a Goddess. Planeptune is the Land of Purple Progress ruled by Neptune. Lastation, the Land of Black Regalirty is ruled by Noire, Lowee, the land of White Serenity, is ruled by Blanc, while Leanbox, the Land of Green Pastures, is ruled by Vert.

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The four planets have been locked in a Console War, which has led Neptune to be stripped of her power in the chaos. Neptune has to fight to restore her place. At the same time, a mysterious being called Arfoire threatens the world of Gamindustri.

Idea Factory states that the game is the perfect entry into the series for newcomers and long-time fans of the series. The release on the PlayStation 5 further improves the graphics, UI, and more.

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Neptunia ReVerse adds new content, such as fishing. Neptune can take a break and enjoy fishing in a brand new mini-game. If she’s patient, then she might catch some rare equipment to use in the main campaign. However, a misstep could lead to uncovering an enemy.

Gameplay has been rebalanced for new ways to play. The “Arrange Mode” allows players to choose from over 20 characters to select at the beginning. “Plans” add in crafting and forging to create new items and equipment, add dungeons, and modifies enemy drops and equipment hidden within dungeons.

Neptunia ReVerse increases the party member limit from three to four members. Players can further transform Neptune and the Godesses by activating HDD Mode. This mode increases the attacks.

The title is a single-player game. Voiceovers are available in English and Japanese with English subtitles. Unfortunately, only a PlayStation 5 release has been announced, and there are no plans to launch the game on other platforms at this time.

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Additional screenshots and the official logo have been revealed for the game. Players can follow Idea Factory on Twitter to learn about the game currently in development.

Neptunia ReVerse launches for the PlayStation 5 sometime in 2021.