Pokémon Company And Wand Company Announce Premium Poké Ball Replica Collectible Series

Pokémon Company And Wand Company Announce Premium Poké Ball Replica Collectible Series
Credit: Nintendo via YouTube

The Pokémon Company has announced it is teaming up with The Wand Company to release the first-ever Die-Cast Poké Ball replica series. Fans will be able to purchase high-quality replicates of the Poké Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, and Premier Ball. The Poké Balls will launch throughout 2021.

The Premium Poké Ball Replica Collectible Series made its debut during the 220 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. A Pokémon trainer was seen standing in the center of dancing Pikachu. During the dance number, the trainer held up the Poké Ball for the world to see.

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While many have believed the item was only made for the parade, Pokémon fans have the opportunity to own one. Unfortunately, no Pokémon will jump in or out, but it is a high-quality replica piece for fans of the series.

Poké Ball is an essential tool for Pokémon trainers. Fans may remember watching Ash and his friends use them in the Pokémon anime or use them in the games. The item is necessary when catching a Pokémon and then having a safe place for it to reside until it’s needed in battle.

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The Poké Ball is made from a die-cast metal shell with a deeply colored surface. The finish is a high-gloss lacquer that will shine under any light.

The replica is also equipped with proximity-sensing technology. If someone gets close enough to the replica, the button will glow. Pressing the button changes the light color or begins the Pokémon catching illumination sequence.

The collection was made for fans and collectors. Each replica comes with a matching high-quality presentation case. Inside is a uniquely-numbered hologram to authenticate the product. A polished stainless steel ring allows fans multiple ways to display but also protects the item.

When the lid of the case is opened, it will shine with various multi-colored lights. These lights are controlled by a touch-sensitive metal plaque in the front of the case.

The entire piece is packaged inside of a cardboard box that is safely padded until fans remove it from its packaging.

Amy Sachtleben, director of licensing at The Pokémon Company International, stated:

The Poké Ball is an iconic part of the Pokémon franchise, and we are thrilled to work with The Wand Company to re-create the Poké Ball as a high-quality collectible for our fans. The Wand Company is known for their innovative designs and world-class manufacturing, making them the perfect partner to bring this vision to life.

The first Poké Ball replica that will launch in February is the iconic red and white model. The other replicas will launch throughout 2021.

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The Premium Poké Ball Replica Collectible Series is scheduled to ship and arrive by Pokémon Day on February 27, 2021.