Ben 10: Power Trip Has Launched Onto Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC

Ben 10: Power Trip Has Launched Onto Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC
Credit: Steam XO

Development studio PHL Collective and publisher Outright Games has created an amazing new Ben Ten title just in time for the heroes’ 15th anniversary. Ben 10: Power Trip is a brand new adventure that is set in the Cartoon Network universe of Ben 10. This title has been months in the making and it has finally come to fans.

This title is available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC. Enter into the alien filled adventures of this famous kid as he unleashes the 10 powerful aliens found in his watch. This new adventure is a brand new co-op experience that is set in an open world and will allow players the power of choice in their unique exploration.

Ben 10: Power Trip places players in a world where an Evil Hex has cursed all of Europe. Only Ben 10 can come to the rescue and stop him by using his powerful watch. Explore a unique 3D world that mixes combat with puzzles for a linear and unique experience.

Join the Tennyson family on a relaxing vacation in Europe. Become a hero as you search for four mysterious crystals. These crystals originate from the void and now it is up to Ben to stop the evil before it is too late.

Transform into all of Ben 10’s incredible alien forms as you face multiple puzzles and take on deadly enemies. This is an action-packed 3D experience that will force Ben to face some of his deadliest enemies yet.

Enter into a unique world of challenging combat and solve fun puzzles as you try and use your skills to help everyone around.

Collect varying power-ups and upgrade your heroes as you try and become a better hero. Explore the cities, forests, and mountains all in a unique effort to find secrets and stop the Hex from destroying everything.

This game matches the wit and humor of the show as you explore the adventure with Grandpa Max and Gwen at your side. Enjoy a co-op experience as even Kevin Levin joins in on the action allowing you to take on the evil villains again and again.

This title is a great present for anyone who is a fan of the show. Players should be excited to try and interact with the epic action found within this cartoon title.

Ben 10: Power Trip is available now on Steam, Xbox One, PC, and PS4 for only $39.99 bringing cartoon action right to your favorite system.