Share The Goose Antics With Untitled Goose Game’s Co-Op Update Arriving Today

Share The Goose Antics With Untitled Goose Game’s Co-Op Update Arriving Today
Credit: House House via YouTube

Untitled Goose Game from House House Games was last year’s indie’s sensation. Yes – the game came out a year ago. 2020 has been a long year. However, the fun’s not over yet, as a brand new co-op update is brought out today.

It might not be the extra goose we deserve, but it’s the extra goose we need. Two friends can enjoy the ridiculous (and charming) antics of Untitled Goose Game together, exploring and causing chaos with two geese.

In an interesting PlayStation blog yesterday, a member of House House (Nico Disseldorp) talked about bringing co-op to Untitled Goose Game, a game that was originally designed to be a singleplayer game only.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the geese look very similar, but they’re not exactly the same. It won’t always be easy to tell the two apart – especially when you’re chasing a poor old man down the street – but there are subtle differences.

A fluffier butt, a different shade of orange on the beak – yes, the differences really are very subtle. Pay close attention. The most obvious difference is the “basal knob” on the new goose’s beak. That’s a little bump, for those who’re not educated in geese science.

Oh, and you remember the iconic honk? Well, there’s a brand new honk, too.

In terms of gameplay, Untitled Goose Game’s co-op mode looks very fun. The character AI has been improved and tested so that everything is balanced – you can distract with a honk while the other goose drops a bucket on their head.

Figuring out new ways to cause chaos is going to make the Untitled Goose Game experience feel brand new. Time to dust off the game and give it another go.

Much of the core mechanics are similar, but there are brand new ways to interact with the world when there are two geese involved. It will make for a super fun game to co-op couch play. It should be noted that there is no online mode.

Unless…you have a PlayStation. The PlayShare function allows someone else to stream remotely to the game, basically fooling the game into thinking you’re sitting on the same couch.

Untitled Goose Game’s co-op update is out today on all major platforms, including PC, PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. It’s a free update and you can play today!