Cat Quest II Is The Sequel To The 2017 Adventure Of Cat Related Chaos, Another Epic Adventure In A World Of Furry Heroes

Cat Quest II Is The Sequel To The 2017 Adventure Of Cat Related Chaos, Another Epic Adventure In A World Of Furry Heroes
Credit: Gentlebros Games

In the original Cat Quest, you helped a feline rise to power, but the adventure does not end there. Cat Quest II is now available on Apple Arcade and Steam, and it continues the saga of these adorable warriors. Even more magic, armor, and weapons are ready for your use as you travel another epic saga.

The sequel tells the tale of two displaced monarchs, one a car and the other a non-cat. As they return from ages of imprisonment to assume their rightful positions as rulers of their kingdoms, things are changing in the lad of Cat Quest.

The game is a pun-filled role-playing game that is approachable for new players while remaining entertaining for veterans. The heroes start their adventure awakening from limbo with little more than the weapons on their back and the loincloths covering their animal bits.

It is up to you to quest, explore dungeons, and dispatch the evil creatures and relearn your lost magic as you reclaim your place in the land. You must find powerful equipment and if nothing else get some clothes on in this comical adventure through a strange land.

The battle system involves swinging weapons and dodging the enemy attacks as you try and find an opening. Magic is introduced early on allowing heroes to learn elemental attacks and healing magic to make the game easier. Exploiting enemy weakness is very important, but the real challenge is keeping an eye out for environmental dangers like spikes or pitfalls.

Battles can get hectic eventually, but the combat stays fairly balanced and easy, creating simple, fun combat. The fun feel of the entire experience creates a worthwhile experience for the occasional detour. Fighting wandering monsters or investigating hidden caverns plays an important role in the execution of the game.

You can swap between heroes on the fly throughout the game or let a friend join in the adventure for some co-op play. This lets you bring your friend along to experience this adventure in this cute game. It maintains itself on being simply fluffy, goofy, fun.

This game is currently released on Steam for $14.99, but it is also available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Gentlebros Games has worked hard to make this game simultaneously appealing to both adult and young audiences. This is a great game for anyone with children while still being a strong enough story to make it a great learning experience for any young gamer.