Vultures May Be Added To The Minecraft Biome Update Badlands, Which Drops Next Week

Vultures May Be Added To The Minecraft Biome Update Badlands, Which Drops Next Week
Credit: cubfan135 via YouTube

Minecraft fans may see vultures that will be added to the Biome update on Sept. 28.

Earlier Mojang asked fans to vote on the type of change they want to see first in the Biome update. A short Minecraft Badlands video featuring Jens and Agnes teased fans on the possible additions to the game. But they give fans total control on which change should be the priority.

However, the short clip was didn’t provide any details on what these changes could be. But Mojang did say that they involve some new mechanics, mobs, and features.

New details are coming out of the woodworks, however. In a new report from PCGamesN, it seems vultures will be added to the game. Fans can also expect to see tumbleweeds and new cactus species.

But it’s the vultures you should really look out for. These scavenging birds of prey have the nasty habit of picking on unsuspecting explorers. At this point, it’s not clear if they will aggressively attack or will just be opportunistic. What’s clear, however, is that they will be disturbing. Take it from Agnes, who describes the vultures as “creepy.”

There are no details on the cacti and tumbleweed and what they can do for you. But then again, they are not going to be as exciting as the vultures.

An announcement was posted on the Minecraft website asking fans to vote for their favorite update. In the Biome update, Mojang is focused on three biomes they are planning to update. These include the Badlands, swamp, and mountains.

Also, the developers promised to drop new videos leading up to the Minecon Live beginning Sept. 28. These videos will show fans what to expect in biome updates. Go to Minecraft’s official Twitter page for more updates. You can also watch the Minecon Live at 12 noon EST on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and Mixer. The will also post a live video fo the event.

Aside from the Biome update, another reason to look forward to the Minecon Live is the expected release date for Minecraft Earth. People from Seattle and London recently participated in the beta test.

For those who don’t know about Minecraft Earth, it’s Mojang’s take on augmented reality. Using your Android or iOS device, you can use your mobile devices as a lens and put yourself in the game. The Minecraft Earth update is on pace for a 2019 release date.