Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Update Provides A Number Of Combat Upgrades

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Update Provides A Number Of Combat Upgrades
Credit: EA Star Wars Via YouTube

There’s no doubt about it, EA’s Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is a bonafide hit. It may just be the hit this studio has been waiting for. To say that EA and Star Wars have had a rocky relationship would be the understatement of the century.

That’s why the company is taking great strides to not only push out this popular game, but improve upon it over time. That’s where the latest patch, put together by Respawn Entertainment, comes into play.

This particular update references one of the few complaints players have had: the combat system.

With this new update in place, our main Jedi hero, Cal Kestis, will have improved responsiveness in combat. There have been a number of adjustments made to his animations, which include kicks, sprint attacks, and stagger reactions, among others.

Ledge grabs and climbing have also been addressed through this patch. There were some lingering issues with these functions that Respawn has now dealt with.

BD-1’s scanner has been adjusted as well, meaning that you little droid buddy will be more responsive when he needs to scan something.

Respwawn listed the full patch details through a series of notes.

According to the studio, they’ve taken the following actions:

  • Upgraded Cal’s combat responsiveness, particularly stagger reactions, flybacks, kicks, sprint attacks, and staff parries.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing certain ledge grabs to behave incorrectly.
  • Repaired an issue with the audio that would cause sound effects to play incorrectly or out of order.
  • Collision fixes throughout Zeffo and Bogano.
  • A fix that repaired an issue wherein BD-1 would not scan one of the Zeffo villagers.
  • Upgrades to the terrarium feature aboard your ship. Respawn noted that it, “sometimes wasn’t a very nurturing environment, preventing seeds from growing. It should now give your plants the love and care that they deserve, encouraging them to grow properly.”
  • General Stability Improvements.

EA will undoubtedly be trying to keep players happy with this game. Their previous forays into the Star Wars universe were met with a lot of controversy.

The Battlefront games faced a ton of player backlash thanks to their lootbox inventory system. Jedi Fallen Order represents the first Jedi adventure game in many years. Players have not been able to take command of the Force like this since The Force Unleashed and The Force Unleashed 2.

With interest in Star Wars at an all time high thanks to the recent release of Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker in theaters and The Mandalorian on Disney+, Jedi Fallen Order comes at a perfect time to reignite player interest in Star Wars video games.