What Is Drink More Glurp? The Olympics Take Place On A Distant Planet, And The Aliens Don’t Have A Clue What They’re Doing

What Is Drink More Glurp? The Olympics Take Place On A Distant Planet, And The Aliens Don’t Have A Clue What They’re Doing
Credit: Yogscast via YouTube

Drink More Glurp, the most recent game from Yogscast Games and developer CATASTROPHIC_OVERLOAD, is a fun and wacky physics-based puzzle game about aliens copying the human Olympics on some distant planet.

The game is out today on the Nintendo Switch, Windows and Mac/Linux. You can get the game through Steam and it launches with a discount price.

With the release of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout this week, it’s understandable that a fun little indie game like Drink More Glurp might get swept under the rug, but it’s a charming title ideal for a party.

It works through a hot seat system, so you could theoretically have 20 (that’s the max) people playing at once if you can fit them all into the same room. Maybe not the ideal situation in the current global climate, but plausible for the future.

Realistically, though, the game is best suited for a small group as you each try and work your way through the wacky Olympics. Everyone can play using the same controller (you just have to pass it around the room).

Although the game is getting a full Steam release the game is best played with a controller. The analog sticks are an important part of the control system. There isn’t so much button mashing as time and reaction-based use of the bumpers and buttons. It’s a bit wobbly and tricky to learn – a familiar feeling for anyone who’s played the browser classic QWOP.

For a game of this size, there are actually a lot of events in the game. Most of them are track and field type events, so expect a lot of hurdles and long-jumps. There are, however, some more weird and wonderful events that involve massive ramps and hoops.

There are two main game modes – single-player and local multiplayer, or party mode. The single-player is ideal for practising before you take on your friends. Aim for the gold medal in each event. You can also unlock some cosmetic items as you play.

The heart of the game is its party mode. While the controls might feel a little difficult and even frustrating in single-player, the multiplayer experience means you can share your agony (and laughs) with your mates.

Drink More Glurp is a simple but surprisingly content-dense game with lots of different levels to try out. Best played with your friends, this game is great for little ones and to chuck on at a party.