Resident Evil 3 Remake Will Have An Unbreakable Knife Based On Demo Experience

Resident Evil 3 Remake Will Have An Unbreakable Knife Based On Demo Experience
Credit: IGN via YouTube

We’re fast approaching the release of Resident Evil 3 Remake, a survival-horror game featuring Jill Valentine, Carlos Oliveira, and everyone’s favorite Project Nemesis. Capcom is looking to keep their remake magic going with this latest installment, and by early accounts, they’ve done a fantastic job.

The screenshots look absolutely breathtaking. Never before have Resident Evil fans been treated to this amount of detail regarding the streets of Raccoon City, at least in a video game. The gameplay also looks pretty amazing based on impressions from the demo. It’s currently out now ahead of this game’s April release.

That’s great if you want to see how this game plays and what sort of action you can look forward to. There are a lot of great things from the demo, but one of the most noteworthy is the addition of an unbreakable knife. That’s right. The knife that Jill wields in this demo can’t break, no matter how many times you swipe at zombies and objects.

That’s a drastic change from the knife in Resident Evil 2 Remake, which could only last a couple of blows. You had to be precious with how you used it, making melee combat a lot more difficult than it had to be. Select gamers liked this design because it upped the difficulty, but then you had many who grew tiresome of the design.

It’s great to see this change in weapons design. It will definitely satisfy most of the fanbase and make Resident Evil 3 Remake a more forgiving experience. In a lot of ways, it needs to be. There will still be plenty of puzzles to solve, items to scavenge for, and constantly being on the lookout for Project Nemesis.

His addition alone is enough to have you throwing your controller down in a fit of rage as you do your best to stay away from his never-ending onslaught of attacks. The unbreakable knife design should balance out these more frustrating moments.

As you move through the crowded streets of Raccoon City looking for survivors and a way out, you’ll have a trusty knife to give you the upper hand during close quarters combat. It will be interesting to see what other adjustments Capcom made from the last remake. They have a pretty successful recipe going right now and it seems like it’s only getting better. April 3 couldn’t come soon enough for Resident Evil fans across the globe.