Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Is Now Free On PC And Consoles

Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Is Now Free On PC And Consoles
Credit: IGN via YouTube

The freebies for gamers just keep coming these past couple of weeks. So even though self-quarantine is still heavily present in response to the coronavirus, at least gamers have plenty of content to enjoy. There has been a pretty good variety of games too, from noteworthy platformers to addicting first-person shooters.

If you like classic games, then you’ll be happy to know that for a couple of more weeks, Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 is being offered for free to both PC and console gamers. The gift comes from Bandai Namco as part of an initiative to keep gamers at home while the pandemic is still affecting thousands around the world. Arcade games have a special place for many retro gaming fans and this title in particular is a good one.

It elevates the Pacman series by introducing distinct 3D graphics. They’re definitely something to look at as you try to gobble up the pellets before nearby ghosts can attack Mr. Pac-Man. If you grew up playing Pac-Man when it was in the arcades, then this latest version will definitely impress you with how far the mechanics and visuals have come.

The vibrant colors that the game’s developer — Bandai Namco — decided to put in the game definitely steel the show in a lot of ways. You can’t help but appreciate each level’s beauty. They definitely put an interesting twist on such a classic game.

It’s also great to see the developer change up the mechanics. This version definitely increases the speed, which is great if you like making decisions on a dime and having an added layer of difficulty to master. For those that like a more casual experience, Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 has dialed down the ghost difficulty.

Instead of just dying instantly after bumping into a ghost, you have several bumps until the ghosts enter an angry state. It’s at that point when the ghosts can take Pac-Man’s life. It’s definitely a great design change compared to previous Pac-Man games, especially for those who’re just picking up this incredible series for the first time.

Even though the pandemic has dramatically impacted the way society operates and unfortunately taken lives, it’s still good to see those in the gaming community doing their part to give back. Bandai Namco deserves a lot of credit for trying to give gamers something fun to do while they’re asked to stay home. And for the value, this game is extremely fun.