NIS America Announces Poison Control For PlayStation 4 And Nintendo Switch In April 2021

NIS America Announces Poison Control For PlayStation 4 And Nintendo Switch In April 2021
Credit: NIS America via YouTube

NIS America has announced the release date of Poison Control on PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch. The game will first launch in North America, followed by Europe and Australia. Poison Control will have both a digital and physical release. The game is available to preorder now.

Poison Control is a turf-war style action RPG. Together with a mysterious girl named Poisonette, players purify the Belle’s Hells, which are spiritual realms born from the sullied hearts of girls. Poisonette has hijacked the protagonist’s soul. Although they are working together, she hopes to completely take it over for good.

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Meanwhile, the protagonist is either a male or a female character. Both have similar appearances with blonde hair and red eyes but wearing a suit and tie. AS a living being, the protagonist wants nothing more than to return to the Mortal Realm. Before the protagonist can return to their normal life, they have to complete Poisonette’s tasks.

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NIA America has three versions of the game. The first version is the standard edition, which is available as a physical or digital download. The Contaminated Edition is only available on the Nintendo Switch. This version includes the physical edition with a digital soundtrack sampler code plus a mini-art book.

The Limited Edition is available on both the Switch and PS4. It is packaged with the base game, “Toxic Tracks” official soundtrack, The Artwork of Poison Control art book, and “Devlisih Duo 4-inch soft-touch button all packaged inside a collector’s box.

The official website explains the unique storyline of Poison Control:

From the worldly desires of humankind, delusions are both. These delusions, whether from the living or the dead, manifest as toxic creatures known as Kleshas and bring into being the realms of Hell.

After wandering into this infernal domain, your flesh and blood are usurped by a mysterious girl named Poisonette. To return to the mortal realm, you and Poisonette, as two souls in one body, must purify the hearts of the fallen.

Who are you? Who is Poisonette? How did you here to begin with? So starts the tale of your journey through the Belles’ Hells.

Poison Control launches in North America on April 13, 2021, for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The European release launches on April 16, followed by Australia on April 2.

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