Shadow Tactics Go West In Desperados 3; Released With A Playable Demo Available On Steam

Shadow Tactics Go West In Desperados 3; Released With A Playable Demo Available On Steam
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Mimimi Games stepped out into the limelight in a big way with their hit Shadow Tactics: Blades of a Shogun. The developers nailed the aesthetics of feudal Japan with gorgeous sprawling vistas, enabled players with a massive heft of abilities across five playable characters, and the held wildly satisfying moments of play after carefully planned ambushes succeeded in bringing down armies of men.

One good turn deserves another, and Mimimi Games is set to take their second with Desperados III.

Playing as five unique characters, players are thrust into the hard west of a different era that Mimimi Games once again nails down to its core. From expansive cities to bogs, stretches of desolation juxtaposed directly against a growing movement of progress, you’ll be tasked to take on missions in a variety of different ways.

Think Shadow Tactics: Blades of a Shogun dialed up slightly, and now in a western format.

Some may call the work derivative; a female character entices men to their doom, stealth is once again the standard key to success, and sprawling landscapes ensure that you’ll be spending some serious time in every mission. And lots of quick-saves, followed by quick-loads when your idea doesn’t pan out as expected.

By most accounts, however, the title is a fantastic look at the western world of progression.

The demo is currently available to play through on Steam during Steam’s Game Festival; Summer Edition and fans are going absolutely bonkers with positive reviews for the aesthetic charm once again shining through the backdrop of the frontier. The game itself has released today as well, if you’re inclined to take the full plunge, for $49.99 on Steam.

While you have the option of stealthily dispatching foes, there’s plenty of time for some good old-fashioned shoot-outs as well. Send Kate in to entice and distract the enemy, kick open the front door, and craft your own bloody massacre before the pianist knows what is happening.

The only downfall of the title thus far appears to be its storyline, which feels a bit shoehorned in there as an almost afterthought against the foreground of a deliciously gritty main cast that will ensure that you have a favorite character by your second hour. Comparing the characters with the storyline might have you wonder where the writers went from Shadow Tactics, but it’s admittedly a nit-pick at most.

While it may appear as a derivative work to some, and the storyline is mediocre, the gameplay is a fantastic endeavor for Mimimi Games. For many, that meaty sensation when a good plan somehow works (after loading your quick-save 10 times) is more than worth the cost of entry.