Blizzard Confirms And Announces Official Purchasable Corruption Rotation In World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth

Blizzard Confirms And Announces Official Purchasable Corruption Rotation In World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth
Credit: World of Warcraft

Ever since Blizzard added in the purchasable corruptions system using the Echoes of Ny’alotha currency, players have been thankful to be able to grab their needed corruptions without having to wait for RNG to allow them to be lucky enough to grab the one they need.

That isn’t to say that RNG was completely removed, though, as much of the player base still needed to wait until the corruption they needed would appear in the shop offered by MOTHER. Despite this, it seemed clear that there might聽not be any RNG at work.

Much of the community began to assume that everything was on a rotation, mostly due to datamining on the part of WoWhead. Seeing as it was expected to be on a rotation, players were hopeful that they could predict exactly which corruptions would be available.

Recently, Blizzard decided to confirm these speculations and announce that there was indeed a rotation. This removes the RNG element completely, allowing players to know when the exact corruption they need will be available.

There are eight rotations in all, with each bringing a mix of effective corruptions. As the rotations are each quite lengthy and there are three tiers of each corruption, we suggest you check the full rotation list that Blizzard explained here.

With RNG completely removed from the equation, endgame just got significantly easier, allowing players to plan the exact build they intend to do. Knowing your desired corruption effect’s availability can do wonders to help optimize your character.

Additionally, Blizzard has implemented some improvements to Ashjra’kamas. Rather than the previous upgrade model, which required multiple runs through Horrific Visions, Blizzard has made it significantly easier to upgrade your cloak.

“Now, each Rank up to Rank 15 can be achieved in a single Horrific Vision,” Blizzard writes. “For example, upgrading your Rank 13 cloak to Rank 14 now only requires 2 Torn Pages of ‘The Final Truth’ (was 6)…”

This also means that players who are currently in possession of two or more pages can immediately complete the quest rather than having to continue forward and get more pages. The requirements for minor upgrades to the cloak after Rank 15 is reached have not seen any changes.

With these changes, a bit of the incessant grinding of WoW’s endgame has been removed – or at least eased. With upgrading Ashjra’kamas now a significantly easier task, paired with the ease of obtaining new corruptions, getting geared up for the endgame content is remarkably easier.