Wowhead Releases Possible Speculative Schedule For World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth’s Purchasable Corruptions

Wowhead Releases Possible Speculative Schedule For World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth’s Purchasable Corruptions
Credit: PicturePlane via YouTube

Over the last few weeks, we’ve discussed the rotation of the new purchasable corruptions for World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth a few times. Earlier today, we discussed the newest rotation, which brings some of the most effective corruptions possible to bear.

The new purchasable corruptions system uses the Echoes of Ny’alotha currency to hand-pick the corruption that you want. This helps remove RNG from the equation and allow you to maximize your effectiveness to a degree.

Unfortunately, not every corruption is available at once. There’s still a bit of RNG in that players have to wait for their preferred corruption to appear in the shop provided by MOTHER.

Thankfully, WoWhead was able to do some datamining that seemed to hint that the new RNG system may not be RNG at all. Instead, it seems that the rotation might be set, with the same coming through in a cycle rather than being randomly generated.

As a note, all of this is speculative, and there’s no confirmed schedule. That said, WoWhead’s datamining points to this being accurate, so while you shouldn’t believe it entirely, it might be useful to plan your spending habits around.

According to Wowhead, it seems that the values are in sequential order of 1-8. Two rotations come through a week, meaning that any given batch will return about four weeks after it appeared.

This also reorganizes the speculative schedule that WoWhead had originally put out, though seemingly in a good way! For example, they expected Expedient III to return later this month on June 26th, but the new data suggests that it could return as soon as next week.

WoWhead has provided a speculative schedule for some of the most popular options that stretches forward weeks in advance. The latest date given is July 3rd, which (hypothetically) could bring the highly-desired Twilight Devastation III and Masterful III to the shop.

Otherwise, those that are searching for Infinite Stars III or Severe III could find it later this month about three weeks from now. These are speculated to return around June 30th.

While this is far from confirmed, it’s a believable schedule that seems to confirm the rumors of the rotation being a set cycle rather than the RNG-based system most of us expected. We’ll likely be able to have it confirmed once the eighth rotation ends, as we’ll know by the corruptions that appear afterwards if the schedule is true or not.