Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Information For The Week Of 6/9 First Reset Of Season Of The Arrivals

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Information For The Week Of 6/9 First Reset Of Season Of The Arrivals
Credit: Bungie via Youtube

In Destiny 2 this week, this reset also includes the Season of Arrivals and the new content within. Besides new exotic quests, public events, and an entirely new dungeon, there is also the usual host of weekly reset information to go over.

Starting off with the most exciting news, the Nightfall The Ordeal activity this week is The Corrupted. For those poor guardians still trying to get their hands on the Horror’s Least pulse rifle, this is the week to play.

The other legacy Nightfall activities available are The Festering Core, The Lake of Shadows, and Exodus Crash. The Lake of Shadows has a chance to drop The Militia’s Birthright Grenade launcher, and the Impact Velocity exotic sparrow can drop during Exodus Crash.

For those only interested in the new Seasonal content and how to get started on that, the video by Youtuber Dychronic below does an excellent job of explaining:

Otherwise, the Flashpoint this week is located on the Tangled Shore and can be completed by undertaking public events, lost sectors, and Heroic adventures.

The Moon also hosts a variety of overworld activities, including the Isolation, Rage, and Servitude Nightmare hunts. Guardians can also face down against the wandering nightmare: Nightmare of Xortal, Sworn of Crota in Sorrow’s Harbor, or fight the Trove Guardian in the Anchor of Light.

For the Menagerie, the boss this reset is Pagouri, Vex Hydra. The heroic modifiers are Extinguish, Match Game, Attrition, and Arc Singe. For other rotating bosses, the Reckoning currently features The Swords, while Escalation Protocol hosts Bok Litur, Hunger of Xol. The EP boss this week has a chance to drop all three exclusive weapons.

PvP fans among us can look forward to the new rotational playlists. Clash and Showdown will both be available until next Tuesday, giving players plenty of incentive to test their might in the Crucible.

Over at the Dreaming City, Petra is in the Divalian Mists and is dealing with a growing curse this week. Help her out by undertaking The Oracle Engine weekly mission, or by fighting the Hive Plague Cragur. Additionally, players can fight through the Shattered Ruins Ascendant Challenge over in the Spire of Keres.

Since the team has announced that the Leviathan Raid will be cycled out this September, players have extra incentive to complete the challenge this week. As such, the order this week is Gauntlet > Dogs > Baths > Calus, and the challenge is the Gauntlet Challenge.

In the midst of all the new season and expansion hype, life goes on. Remember to complete the usual milestones for powerful gear rewards as you grind your way through this new season pass. Make sure to check back here on Friday for Xur’s inventory and more updates as they come.