Grid Fight – Mask of the Goddess Out In 2021 With Demo Available Now

Grid Fight – Mask of the Goddess Out In 2021 With Demo Available Now
Credit: Grid Fight Official Website

Playtra Games has announced Grid Fight – Mask of the Goddess, an action RPG with a unique take on grid-based battles. The developer has announced the game will launch on both PC and consoles, but the list of launch consoles are not yet known.

Grid Fight is a hand-drawn game that features a cast of more than 40 unique female warriors. They are all reciting to cure the sickness currently killing the Goddesses in the world. The branching storylines allow players to get to know each character and see how their narratives influence each other.

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The game tells the story of Donna and her friends as they uncover the mysteries in the floating city of Gora. The universe was newly created by the will of Clea, and the player is her representative on Earth. As the “Chosen One,” the player will have to prove her worth and defeat other “Chosen Ones” in existence.

Not all of the characters are created equal. Characters have various strengths and skills that make them ideal in certain situations. These will be the characters needed to join the squad for certain battles.

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Donna will have to assemble her team, defeat nine Goddesses, and collect their power. Only then can Donna save the world from being destroyed. However, she has a strict time limit of three days to accomplish her goals.

Players can expect around six hours of gameplay for the main story. The game contains additional content, from spending hours to recruit and develop all playable characters plus local PvP. Players can also enlist, evolve, and equip powerful masks to unlock their full potential. These masks are used in PvP and local PvP battles.

Grid Fight has an original art style with colors inspired by the ‘70s. The soundtrack features music influenced by 90s pop, but overall, the title draws inspiration from Mega Man Battle Network.

The demo is currently available on Steam to allow players to experience the main mechanics of the game, recruit new characters, and choose branching paths in the story.

Those who want to follow the development of the game can wishlist it on Steam now. The developer is also on social media and has an official Discord server to get to know other fans and chat with the team. The developer also hosts occasional livestreams to see the game so far and as questions.

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Grid Fight – Mask of the Goddess launches on PC via Steam and consoles in 2021.