Cyberpunk 2077 Has Broken Steam Recommendations In The Worst Way Possible For The Winter Steam Sale

Cyberpunk 2077 Has Broken Steam Recommendations In The Worst Way Possible For The Winter Steam Sale
Credit: CDPR via YouTube

If you picked up Cyberpunk 2077 within its admittedly short lifespan, Steam‘s Winter Sale might be adding a few…interesting titles to what they typically offer you.

Players on an international scale are noticing that Steam is offering sexually explicit titles because Cyberpunk 2077 has ‘sexual content’ as a tag. It’s not entirely clear whether or not Cyberpunk 2077 ultimately dives deep into the sexually explicit scenes, as it constantly crashes, but we know the male protagonist has customizable genitalia.

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Rumors of being able to sleep with various characters abound, and we expect to be able to verify them within the next five years.

Yet that ‘sexual content’ has offered a bit of a doozy to Steam servers, and people still aren’t tracking why certain titles such as Futa Fix X Dine and Dash and Koikatsu Party are being wholeheartedly recommended by Steam because we played an open-world title.

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Futa Fix, which we’ll abbreviate the title to so we don’t have an awkward talk with the powers that be, is a ‘simulation game’ with frankly just constant raw and vulgar scenes. Koikatsu Party is slightly tamer: you get to make your own creepy e-girl (with loli available) and then…do things with her.

The concern started popping up when Steam released their Winter Sale today at 1300 EST, with eye-popping recommendations apparently not able to discern a difference between raw smut and an occasional sex scene. If you’ve been inundated with these adverts while browsing the Steam sale with family, you’re not alone.

Your loved ones will also never look at you the same.

For the more discerning gamers, these titles of course don’t exist on the platform, nor does anything else that might make you uncomfortable.

But the ultimate reality here is that the reason vulgar smut is popping up all over Steam at the moment is more than likely indicative of Cyberpunk 2077‘s tags that seem to steer the game a bit more towards the vulgar than family-friendly. Which makes it all the more interesting that Amazon readily encouraged parents to pick it up for their kids.

Users that are displeased to see the results being repeated across their Steam platform browser window can change their preferences so that they aren’t consistently running into the titles, but it will affect how you can use the rest of the store.

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If you wish to solve this with preferences until Valve figures out a better discernment process, you’ll want to click your username in the top-left of the Steam browser to activate a dropdown menu, then select ‘Account Details’.

From here, go to ‘Preferences’ and ensure that the bottom two radials are unticked within the ‘Mature Content’ section. Otherwise, you’re left with some interesting recommendations for the time being. Thanks, Cyberpunk.