Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.05 Is Now Available On PC, How Much Difference Have These Updates Actually Made?

Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.05 Is Now Available On PC, How Much Difference Have These Updates Actually Made?
Credit: CD Projekt Red

Cyberpunk 2077‘s reception has been widely negative, with the community frustrated by the game-breaking bugs and poorly thought out game mechanics. Despite the positive reviews before launch, it’s clear the players see the situation very differently.

Following a week of chaos in regards to the refunds offered by CDPR to players who aren’t happy with their product, the team is (presumably) working around the clock to push out performance patches.

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Patch 1.05 is the most recent to be pushed, and it just went live on PC following updates on both PlayStation and Xbox. What’s changed in the update, and does it sound promising for the success of Cyberpunk leading into 2021?

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These updates address several areas of Cyberpunk at once, from performance issues to bugs that might occur during quests. In 1.05 there are a couple of bugs sorted out, including the one where Jackie would just disappear during one of the first crucial missions of the game.

The bug where Jackie sends his motorbike flying through a lamppost or underneath vehicles is also sorted out in mission called The Pickup. These small changes are the sort of ironing out that you might’ve expected before the game’s release, but at least they are being fixed quickly.

Where it really matters – performance – also gets a few changes and fixes in this most recent patch. In the patch notes it just reads “Multiple stability issues fixed”, which is vague. Hopefully players will start to notice fewer crashes in general.

Both console and PC have received specific changes and adjustments in the hope of increasing performance and stability. Consoles have also got a few changes to the graphical fidelity of the game, making the game look sharper underneath all that film grain/screen effects.

There have already been two updates since the game’s release, about two weeks ago. CDPR will likely encourage its team to take a festive break – we can hope – and return with more updates in January and February.

CDPR have already announced they intend to push out much large updates at the start of 2021. They don’t want to discuss further story DLC and multiplayer until they’re happy with the performance of their game.

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Question is – do you put your trust in CDPR to get it right, or jump out now while refunds are still accessible on console and PC? There’s no doubt this launch has been scuffed.