Azur Lane: Crosswave Launches In North American For The Nintendo Switch In February 2021

Azur Lane: Crosswave Launches In North American For The Nintendo Switch In February 2021
Credit: Azur Lane Crosswave Website

Idea Factory International has announced the physical and digital release date for Azur Lane: Crosswave on the Nintendo Switch. The game is now available to wishlist on the publisher’s North American online store.

Azur Lane: Crosswave was previously released on PC via Steam and on the PlayStation 4. The game has released several DLC of individual characters so far, but players can also purchase them in bundles.

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There is no information on if the Nintendo Switch port will come with all of the DLC characters included or if they will be a separate purchase. The publisher announced that more information is coming soon.

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Azur Lane: Crosswave stars personified battleships from across the world. The side-scrolling shooter stars four nations: Eagle Union, Royal Navy, Iron Blood, and the Sakura Empire. Each nation has been working hard.

In the middle of their training exercises, a Joint Military Exercise was announced. The exercise chose a few from each nation to participate, meaning that everyone had to train even harder. Players will learn about how this battle was born and if there are any ulterior motives behind the decision.

Before the battle begins, players can equip their character with various items or craft items at Akashi’s Laboratory. Commanders can also exchange blueprints for new gear, convert materials into rare items, earn rewards, and more. Choosing the right gear is vital to survival.

The game has also interested players because of its anime-inspired graphics and variety of playable characters.

Players can choose from four different modes from the Story, Extreme Battle, Photo, or Episode Mode. The Story mode contains severe chapters. Extreme Battle Mode contains more than 100 battles where players can earn rare items and special materials. Episode Mode contains over 50 side-stories where players can learn more about the characters.

Photo Mode is a relaxed, fun setting where players can pose characters, change their expressions, and create photo-worthy moments.

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Those who can’t wait for the Nintendo Switch port can download it now for PC via Steam and on the PlayStation 4. The Steam version already has several reviews for those who want to know what other buyers think of the game so far.

Azur Lane: Crosswave launches on the Nintendo Switch in February 2021.