The Arcade Style Jet Game Jet Lancer Has Just Released A New Arcade Mode For Fans

The Arcade Style Jet Game Jet Lancer Has Just Released A New Arcade Mode For Fans
Credit: Steam XO

The fast-paced jet experience from Armor Games Studio Jet LAncer has unveiled a brand-new Arcade Mode. After a successful reception, this title will be enjoying a more relaxing version of its dogfighting experience. Enjoy a brand new update that brings new content to dedicated pilots of this 2D action game.

This game pulls influence from roguelite games and applies it in a unique way. Earn different upgrades and enjoy a unique playthrough in every experience as you battle it out in the aerial arena. The new Arcade Mode hopes to give fans a new outlet for their frenetic dog-fighting fun.

Enter a high-velocity aerial combat shooter where you will duel enemy planes, destroy robots, and defy death by piloting jets at supersonic speeds. Journey from being an unknown rookie o an ace pilot who specializes in aerial confrontations.

This game introduces players to Ash Leuinn, a pilot and mercenary who battles Sky Pirates for a living. Destroy giant mechanical monstrosities and become the top of the leaderboard in speed and survival. Players will have to test their limits to find out if they have what it takes to save the world.

This title offers easy to learn controls that are precise and responsive. Dodge and weave through enemy fire as slowly master the intricate details in the simple system.

To reach your goal and become an ace pilot players will have to travel through a story-driven campaign. Take on 30 missions, 11 bosses, and save the world from an oncoming onslaught of mechanical baddies.

Once you finish the story push yourself even harder by enjoying the New Game Plus feature. With a customizable jet with tons of guns and payload options, this game will have everything you need to become an expert pilot.

The new update adds a brand new wave-based score-attack mode. This will present players with endless waves of enemies and powerups. The longer a player survives, the more powerful they will become. To make this even more challenging, a new multi-boss battle feature allows players to battle multiple baddies at the same time.

Enjoy new weapons, pilots, jets, and more as you use the new progression system to unlock cool things. The new Arcade mode will be added to Steam as a free update with a Switch version set to release later in the year.

Interested fans can purchase Jet Lancer from Code Wakers and Armor Games Studios on Steam for $14.99.