Some Extended Footage Of Outriders Gameplay Has Just Surfaced Showing Off The Combat And Visuals

Some Extended Footage Of Outriders Gameplay Has Just Surfaced Showing Off The Combat And Visuals
Credit: IGN via YouTube

The next big co-op looter shooter poised to make a big splash has to be Outriders. It’s looking like the perfect game to hop on with a couple of friends and go toe to toe with some interesting, creepy monsters. As it stands now, this looter shooter is set to drop in September of this year.

Fortunately, People Can Fly have given us a couple of trailers to dissect in great detail. One is an extended clip of gameplay. So, if you’ve wondered how this game will play and what sort of evil threats you’ll have to vanquish to save the universe, it’s just the trailer for you.

The trailer immediately jumps into some combat action, with a narrator breaking down what’s being shown. Right away, the combat tempo seems to be fast-paced. We see the user going from one enemy to the next in rapid succession, and it looks like he has quite a bevvy of resources at his disposal. We see a short-range shotgun, a sniper rifle, and some elemental powers.

It seems like People Can Fly are going for a bit of a sci-fi theme with the weapons and the visuals. As far as the stage that the player is moving around, it seems pretty open. There are plenty of structures that can be used as cover. They seem perfect for re-loading or deciding how you want to approach the next wave of enemies.

The movement and short combat sequences seem to be heavily inspired by the Gears of War franchise. As soon as the player gets up close and blasts an enemy with a shotgun, they explode into pieces. These sequences have been incorporated into almost every Gears of War game. That’s a good thing because it’s a formula that is quite successful and addicting.

It’s worth mentioning that Outriders is an RPG. As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to unlock different weapons and upgrade your character’s skill trees. There are different classes you’ll be able to select from as well. Each one has special abilities.

This extended gameplay footage is showing a lot of promise for Outriders. There will probably be some issues that need to be addressed — such as with the cover-based movement systems — but that’s to be expected with any major AAA game. What’s important to note is Outriders feels unique and it could be one of the better offerings this year.