Embark On A Journey To Find Safer Lands And Be One With The Sugar Glider In Away: The Survival Series

Embark On A Journey To Find Safer Lands And Be One With The Sugar Glider In Away: The Survival Series
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

If nature documentaries, adorable critters and exploring all that the wilderness of the world has to offer are things you enjoy, you will be more than ecstatic to learn that a new immersive game by the name of Away: The Survival Series has been created and is on the way to multiple platforms.

Developed and published by Breaking Walls, Away: The Survival Series may seem awfully similar to a nature documentary and that’s because it was actually inspired by nature documentaries. The game is an indie action-adventure game and is a single-player story as well.

Away: The Survival Series is an adventurous tale that is based in the future and invites players to take on the form of an adorable little sugar glider through various landscapes and quests. This futuristic world is in a state of turmoil as natural disasters are erupting at every corner of the land. As you embark on your adventure as a sugar glider it is your mission to travel across the landscapes of the world in search of somewhere safe to call your home.

While being a sugar glider has the advantages of being small, quick and nimble it also comes with some pretty scary disadvantages as well. Being a sugar glider means that throughout the game players will have to exercise extreme caution when it comes to dangerous things such as predators and harsh weather and landscapes.

The music in the game is the perfect amount of both dramatic and enchanting melodies. Composed by Mike Raznick, who has also created the music for nature documentaries such as Life. Raznick is very familiar with the sounds that do a wonderful job of projecting nature’s adventures, and it definitely shows in Away: The Survival Series.

On the Away Series website, those who are interested in learning more or keeping up to date with the happenings for Away: The Survival Series have the option to sign up for a newsletter by providing their email address. Away: The Survival Series will be available to be enjoyed on both PlayStation 4 as well as Steam.

Embark on your journey into the wild and be one with the sugar glider to find and reach safer lands and avoid natural disasters to find a more peaceful place in the world to thrive. Although no definite release date has been announced as of yet, Away: The Survival Series becomes available to purchase and play in 2020.