Redditor GuyInGreyDaBoss Created A Maze Generator Plugin, He Has Made The Code Available!

Redditor GuyInGreyDaBoss Created A Maze Generator Plugin, He Has Made The Code Available!
Credit: GuyInGreyDaBoss Via Reddit

Minecraft‘s popularity has led to many creative people to use the game in a variety of different projects ranging from simple recreations of locations to fantastic statues, including The Thinker, and even if the builder uses enough Redstone and creativity to play Minecraft in Minecraft.

One location that has been recreated is a 5,000-year-old Welsh Tomb, which has been built in Minecraft by a father and daughter duo. The archaeologist, Ben Edwards, built the Bryn Celli Ddu landscape, which is located on the island of Anglesey in northern Wales.

Ben Edwards said, “It was really important to us to continue our connection with the local schools and create digital content to help teachers in this really difficult time, which is why we created a Welsh as well as an English version.”

In Minecraft, Mazes usually take an extensive amount of time to create mazes that genuinely confuse and get the player turned around. Many mazes that are seen on current servers have been in use for quite some time, meaning that many people already figured out the right path, but with this new plugin switching out mazes can be both quick and easy.

The Redditor GuyInGreyDaBoss posted on the Minecraft subreddit, how he spent a night creating this fantastic plugin. This plugin generates an entire maze after running a single command. This plugin does this by carving a single line that follows a single square block.

GuyInGreyDaBoss also posted a video showing how the plugin slowly runs through the block creating the correct path than going back through to create the dead ends and all the twists and turns that will have your players lost and determined to look for the right way to leave the maze!


The plugin creates a maze with ease, meaning that Minecraft servers that want to build its maze will need to install the code manually as it currently isn’t available through spigot. Instead, GuyInGreyDaBoss posted the code itself for the server.

The completed maze looks fantastic and looks like it’ll take a significant amount of time to get through but no longer a significant amount of time to create this extensive maze!

Sadly, Due to this code not working with Spigot, a common resource for servers that want to add in plugins with ease, server owners will have to manually add the code to the server.