Unrailed Is A New Blocky Co-Op Action Game Headed To PC And Consoles This September

Unrailed Is A New Blocky Co-Op Action Game Headed To PC And Consoles This September
Credit: Steam XO

Indoor Astronaut is happy to announce that their successful Steam Early Access title Unrailed will be heading for a full release. The game is planning to launch on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 this September Prepare for a unique train based party experience on multiple platforms.

Communicate with your friends as you try to make sure there is enough resources to complete each task. Build new tracks and stop the train from overheating as you go on an interesting adventure. This game is about quick decision making and multitasking so be sure coordinate well as a team.

Unrailed is a coop game about gathering resources, crafting train tracks, and working to help navigate a train across a procedurally generated world. Enjoy random encounters with your friends as you continue to build and upgrade the train in a constant battle to keep it from derailing and overheating.

This chaotic couch co-op experience will force fans to work together to aid this train in its long journey. Master encounters and keep the train moving forward with teamwork and good coordination.

Gather resources on the go as you continuously extend the railroad. Try and prevent the train from reaching the end as you build the track around objects or through mountains. With only one of each tool players must coordinate or risk losing their train and failing the mission.

Face a procedurally generated world that is always unique. Each playthrough is a separate challenge with new locations and dangers to encounter along the way. Master new challenges, take on new terrain, and become a master train team.

After each mission, players get a chance to upgrade the train. New engines, crafting wagons, charging ports, and storage sections can make the journey easier. Plan each upgrade with your team and agree upon what is needed.

This game can be played with up to four players on a single team or with two on two games. Players will be able to work together with their friends in a local or online setting.

Enjoy unique biomes with a day and night cycle that will force players into adapt to a changing environment. Enjoy a blocky aesthetic with simple controls and unique characters.

Unrailed can be found on Steam right now for purchase. The game is planned to launch on September 23rd for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 expanding the game audience to a new world of coop loving fans.