Indoor Astronaut’s Unrailed! Is Finally Released In Its Early Access On Steam

Indoor Astronaut’s Unrailed! Is Finally Released In Its Early Access On Steam
Credit: Daedalic Entertainment via YouTube

Unrailed!, a game developed by Indoor Astronaut and published by Daedalic Entertainment, is now accessible in its early access game mode on Steam.

The game is a multiplayer game that involves the construction of the train’s track. Throughout the game, players will meet various random encounters. Players need to upgrade their train to avoid it from getting derailed.

The early access game is released on 9 September on Steam. The early access game allows players to get the first-hand experience on the evolvement of the game and at the same time, give feedback on areas of the game that needs improvement. Input obtained from players that join the game in its developing stage will allow the game developer to update, improve, and add more content to the game.

The game’s publisher has also released a video trailer of the game showing how the game is played. Players have the option to choose the game mode and difficulty level. The Endless game mode will end the players’ venture with just a misstep.

As the game is all about building a train track, players will start the game by constructing the train track from scratch and slowly extending it throughout the game. To create the track, players need to look for resources and skilfully craft the track pieces.

As this is a game that supports multiplayer, the player can play in a team of up to four.

After a level is completed, the game will bring the player to the next station to build more tracks. As players move to the next level, they can add wagons, upgrade them, and unlock the next engine.

The one thing that players need to avoid at all times in the game is to stop the train from derailing. If other players in the team are bad at the game, players from the same group can play against them!

Steam offers players three options of purchase for the game. Players can pick a single pack of the game, select two packages of the game if they want to send an extra copy for their friends, or choose the bundle pack that contains an additional supporter pack of the game.

The game developer also offered an extra bonus for every player that participates in the game’s test during the closed beta. They will be allowed to upgrade the game into its full version for free. This bonus serves as the appreciation gift by the game developer.