The Latest Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Update Is Currently Out Now With New Specialist Roles Included

The Latest Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Update Is Currently Out Now With New Specialist Roles Included
Credit: Rockstar Games via YouTube

There are plenty of reasons to pick up Red Dead Redemption 2 for Xbox One or PlayStation 4 if you still have not managed to get or play the game. And if you have played the game, then there are plenty of reasons to get back into it again. All of those reasons involve the constantly evolving Red Dead Online, which is the online multiplayer version of the Western role-playing game.

The latest update released Tuesday of this week, on September 10th, and it comes with dozens of new features improving the online game and changing it in dynamic and creative ways. Perhaps the biggest development is the addition of specialist roles, which will allow each character to choose a specific profession or job to do on their own. There are three choices every character can select and these choices will unlock specialized gear and skills.

In order to get yourself a brand new class within the multiplayer game world, each player will need to pay 15 gold bars each. So the cost is pretty high to select a class. But those benefits will help out in the long run. The three different classes will each come with helpful aspects and certain drawbacks, so players will need to choose their class carefully. The way to earn these is to rank up and take in the rewards.

There are three different classes here: The Bounty Hunter, The Collector, and The Trader class. Choose carefully.

For those who like to hunt the bad guys, there is the bounty hunters class. Each player can pick up a bounty at the law office in town. Whenever a player completes a bounty the will earn a monetary award. And when the player reaches level 12 in the bounty hunting skill they can hunt other players with prices on their heads.

Then there are the collectors. These guys hunt for rare stuff to sell. find rare items and sell them. So they are looking for tarot cards or maybe even buried treasure. Collectors get items like a special shovel and metal detector for rewards.

And last but not least are the traders. Each trader will be able to set up a trading post anywhere they want in the wild along with a camp companion, Cripps. Then the trader needs to go out and collect raw materials for Cripps to turn into goods and sell at the trading camp.

The Summer Update is out now. So if you are a fan of Red Dead Online, be sure to download it today.