Former Rockstar Artist Mentions Working On Grand Theft Auto 6 On His Resume

Former Rockstar Artist Mentions Working On Grand Theft Auto 6 On His Resume
Credit: GTA Workshop via YouTube

Four years have already passed since Grand Theft Auto 5 was released on PC. Meanwhile, developer Rockstar Games launched Red Dead Redemption 2 on consoles last year. Because of this, people have been wondering when a new installment will be added to the Grand Theft Auto series.

Well, it looks like the universe heard them. Recent information surfacing the internet may suggest the upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto 6. A post on the GTA Forums by a fan with keen observation skills showed a screenshot of an artist’s resume.

Bibin Michael, the artist, has listed the position of “Jr Vehicle Artist at Rockstar Games” among others on his resume.

The description written for this position says that he worked to create concept vehicles that match with the real world. And this was for the Grand Theft Auto 5 DLC as well as the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6. His resume has since been updated, and it no longer lists Rockstar as his employer.

Multiple announcements and leaks in the past have turned out to be false. Even the user, ApolloThunder, who posted the screenshot on the forum, thinks the guy is just trolling everyone. But Michael was also credited in Red Dead Redemption 2’s thank you page which means he has really worked for Rockstar.

Well, this is either a prank or it could all just be some kind of mistake. Because who in their right mind, Rockstar employee or otherwise, would breach a Non-Disclosure Agreement like that?

Although this isn’t really new since a lot of people have broken NDA contracts in the past. And if this is all real, it could become a really serious problem for Bibin Michael.

There is another reason why people find this all fake. As listed on his resume, it states that he worked for Rockstar India from December 2017 to April 2018.

This means he has been working on the sixth installment of GTA a year prior to the completion of RDR2. A developer working on multiple games simultaneously isn’t unheard of. But it is a bit unbelievable for Rockstar Games to focus that much on Grand Theft Auto.

Rockstar Games has yet to confirm whether this information and the sixth installment of Grand Theft Auto are true.

But with the high sales of Grand Theft Auto 5, it’s pretty obvious that the game will get a sequel. So the news of a 6th installment for Grand Theft Auto isn’t really that much of a shock. Hopefully, the studio will release an official statement soon.