Mortal Kombat 11 Releases New Trailer For Upcoming DLC Fighter, Spawn

Mortal Kombat 11 Releases New Trailer For Upcoming DLC Fighter, Spawn
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

The wait is finally over! Today, GameSpot debuted the gameplay trailer for Mortal Kombat 11‘s upcoming DLC fighter, Spawn.

Created in 1992 by former-Marvel artist Todd McFarlane, Spawn is a character from American-published Image Comics that has ranked as one of the most iconic comic book characters of all time. He has been listed by Wizard, Empire, and IGN on various different lists to claim this, including 60th on Top 200, 50th on Empire‘s top 50, and 36th on IGN‘s top 100.

A former Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marines, Spawn – then Albert Simmons – joined the Secret Service and then the CIA before being betrayed and murdered during a mission. Sent to Hell for a life as an assassin, Simmons becomes a Hellspawn to serve Malebolgia, a powerful demon with the ability to give Simmons one last chance to see his wife. In doing so, the demon players one more trick on him by returning him to life five years after his death, with no memories of who he was – including of the wife he was trying to see. Refusing to return to Hell after rediscovering his identity, Spawn instead decides to use his newfound abilities to fight against evil in all its forms.

But enough of who Spawn is, what can he do? According to the gameplay trailer, he can absolutely destroy Scorpion and Erron Black with his abilities.

Spawn brings a variety of weaponry into the battle. Several of his attacks utilize chains, as well as attacking with his cape. He also comes equipped with a submachine gun that he uses for ranged attacks and the ability to summon the fires of Hell to harm his enemies.

Spawn also enjoys a good amount of mobility due to his cape, along with great ranged options in thanks to his chains and hellish powers. From the gameplay trailer, frankly, it’s difficult to find places where he isn’t effective.

But what’s a Mortal Kombat fighter without some fatalities? The trailer shows off two equally-brutal finishing moves. The first sees Spawn take to the air and unfurl his cape, revealing about sixteen or seventeen (hard to count in the darkness of the cape) guns, unloading them all onto his enemy before ripping them to pieces with his claws.

The second is objectively more horrifying. Spawn lifts his victim high into the air as he cuts into them with chains, flaying them alive as he removes their skin. Once they’ve fallen to the ground, he closes his cape around them and tears the meat from their bones as they scream, unfurling his cape to reveal a brutalized skeleton. Fun!

Spawn will become available in early access on March 17th, with the full release coming March 24th.