The Procedurally Generated Horror Game Monstrum 2 Just Entered Its Closed Beta

The Procedurally Generated Horror Game Monstrum 2 Just Entered Its Closed Beta
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

There have been quite a few good horror games to come out this year, including Resident Evil 3 Remake, The Outlast Trials, and Little Nightmares 2.

One of the more promising in terms of online multiplayer action is Monstrum 2 from Team Junkfish. It has an asymmetric design and lets prisoners duke it out against terrifying monsters below the sea.

As of right now, it’s scheduled to release during the fourth quarter of 2020. The closed beta is now in full effect, though. That means you have the perfect opportunity to experience its horrors before the game goes live for everyone else.

Signups are still available if you want to see what potential Monstrum 2 has. There’s also a new cinematic trailer. It paints a pretty horrifying picture. The game is dripping in forbidding tones and colors.

The sense of despair is highlighted perfectly in the trailer as prisoners try to outrun some sort of monstrous beast that has a liking for human flesh. The survival elements also are shown. A lot of what you’ll be doing as one of the prisoners is using stealth and timing your paths just right as to not draw too much attention to yourself.

If you’re lucky enough to enter the closed beta, you’ll get to enjoy multiplayer action with up to four other human prisoners.

Surviving won’t be as easy as it seems as you’ll have to weave in and out of a procedurally generated metal labyrinth. This design adds to the difficulty, but gives prisoners access to a lot of novel ways to approach survival.

Select players will also get the chance to play as one of many powerful monsters. They possess superior strength, speed, and hunting capabilities.

Switching roles between the hunter and the hunted sounds like a fun concept that has been replicated quite a few times in games like Friday the 13th: The Video Game and Dead by Daylight.

However, Monstrum 2 seems like a unique title of its own. The fact that it takes place under water in a labyrinth of metal structures definitely gives it some distinct character.

Do you have what it takes to team up with fellow prisoners and survive the night, or will the monsters be too much for you to handle? You can find out by heading on over to the closed beta signup page.

Already, Monstrum 2 looks like a fun horror survival game that should be even better when it officially releases.