Team Junkish Launches Survival Horror Monstrum On Consoles With Physical Release Coming Soon

Team Junkish Launches Survival Horror Monstrum On Consoles With Physical Release Coming Soon
Credit: Monstrum via YouTube

Team Junkish has announced its survival horror game Monstrum is now available for consoles. The game was previously released on PC via Steam, but now the game is available for a wider audience.

Team Junish also announced plans to release Monstrum as a physical release through Soedesco. The physical version of the game on consoles does not have a release date yet.

Monstrum is a survival horror game that takes place on a cargo ship. The game has a twitch, as it has procedurally generated levels. The experience becomes even more terrifying thanks to permadeath conditions and AI-driven predators.

Players have to strategize and use their wits to avoid a lurking terror. There are one of three unique monster-types on each playthrough, each with different behaviors. The same tactics won’t work on all three creatures.

Throughout Monstrum, players have to learn how to escape their monstrous pursuer and escape the ship. The layout of the ship changes during each game, which ensures a tense experience each time.

Unfortunately, players can’t fight back against the monsters. The ship has various places to hide and distract the monsters. It becomes vital to look for items to use to escape, but none of them are used as weapons.

If players are unsuccessful, death is permanent, and there are no second chances on the same ship. After each death, the interior layout of the ship and the monster changes.

There was no gameplay DLC released, so players can expect the game in full form without worrying about additional purchases. The Steam page only lists an additional DLC for the original soundtrack, but it is completely optional.

The PC release of the game had a positive response. According to the overall ratings, Monstrum has a “Very Positive” standing from an average of around 1,750 player reviews.

Players can pick up the digital download releases of the game on consoles now. The physical release is coming soon for those who want to wait to add it to their game collection. It’s currently unknown if the physical releases will come packaged with any additional bonuses or if fans can expect any collector’s editions. More information will come when the physical releases are closer to launch.

Monstrum is available now on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.