Toro and Friends: Onsen Town Heads To Mobile Devices On June 23

Toro and Friends: Onsen Town Heads To Mobile Devices On June 23
Credit: Toro and Friends Official Website

ForwardWorks’ mobile game Toro and Friends: Onsen Town will get a North American launch this month. In the title, players help the main character, a white cat named Toro, as he works his way to achieve his dream of becoming human.

The game also brings back many of Toro’s friends, including Kuro, Ricky, Pierre, Jun, and Suzuki. A new blue cat friend names Sora also joins the crew.

Toro and Friends: Onsen Town is a match-three puzzle game with a storyline and other rewards. Players can enjoy over 300 stages of puzzles. After completing levels, players are rewarded with furniture and costumes to decorate the characters and the town where they live.

Players can pre-register now to receive various rewards. While logged in, players can click the link to pre-register on their device. They’ll immediately receive a notification as soon as the game is available.

The rewards vary depending on the number of pre-registrations. Up to 150,000 users will receive coins, while 400,000 users will achieve boosters. At one million users, players will receive 5,000 coins, a unique outfit, and eight boosters. The more players that pre-register, the more bonuses that everyone will receive on launch day.

Toro has to restore joy around Onsen Town, which has lost its shine. All of the brightness and color has been lost. The further Toro gets in the game, the brighter the town will become. Players have to complete as many puzzles as possible to bring back the laughter and color of the world.

Players can follow the development of the game through the official website or on social media.

Toro and Friends: Onsen Town was initially launched in Japan as Toro to Puzzle: Doko Demo Issyo last October. The star of the game, Toro, is also known as the Sony Cat created by Sony Interactive Entertainment and serves as the company’s mascot, specifically for the PS Network.

Toro starred in its first game Doko Demo Issyo in 1999. While not as familiar around the world, Japanese gamers know the cat from various PlayStation promotions. The cat still appears on PlayStation promotions worldwide but has a stronger presence in Japan. Now players worldwide will get to explore Toro’s world further and get to know his friends.

Toro and Friends: Onsen Town launches on June 23 on iOS and Android.