Minecraft Dungeons Finally Unseats Nintendo’s Animal Crossing As Best Selling Game On The US Switch eShop

Minecraft Dungeons Finally Unseats Nintendo’s Animal Crossing As Best Selling Game On The US Switch eShop
Credit: Mojang Studios

Minecraft Dungeons, Mojang’s new dungeon-crawler in a Minecraft style, has finally overtaken Animal Crossing as the best selling game on the Switch eShop.

This ends 3 months of Animal Crossing dominance, where the game had held the number one spot since early March. Minecraft Dungeons is also performing well across Xbox and PlayStation.

This also means that Mojang now has two of their games, Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons, in the top-selling lists across Xbox, PlayStation and Switch. It was always expected to perform quite well, but it has had a meteoric rise to the top.

Reviews praise Minecraft Dungeons’ Minecraft atmosphere while also putting an accessible spin on the Diablo-esque dungeon crawler experience. The game might be light on story, but its presentation is pretty perfect.

The game is also best played with friends – which certainly helps sales, in the end – and the co-op experience is fun. There is currently no cross-platform support, despite Minecraft making great strides in this with its Bedrock Edition.

Minecraft Dungeons also features a Hero Pass, which upgrades the base version of the game with some unique cosmetic items and access to the first two DLCs. The Hero Pass is another 10 dollars, which makes the total Minecraft Dungeons game cost around 30 dollars.

The Hero Pass gives players access to the two upcoming DLCs: Jungle Awakens, arriving in July 2020, and Creeping Winter, with no set release date. There will also likely be DLC support for months to come.

Jungle Awakens adds three new base missions set in a jungle environment, likely sculpted on the Jungle biome from Minecraft. There will be new items and gear to collect as the game progresses.

Although it’s not clear yet whether these DLCs will be value-for-money add-ons to the game, it does show that Mojang are committed to supporting this game over a long period of time.

Much like Minecraft, the game will continue to receive updates to its content and experiences. Whether or not there will be much overlap between the two games is yet to be seen – will the content in Dungeons become a precursor for new things added to Minecraft?

Overall, Minecraft Dungeons deserves its top spot on the Nintendo eShop, and is in contention for a spot on the Xbox best-sellers list as well. It’s a simple, fun and addictive game that ticks all the right boxes. What more could you want?